Love: Glassons Merino Wool Tops

My very talented and beautiful friend Brooke put me onto these warm, stylish, versatile tops. I bought mine just in time for the true-hit of cold that is Melbourne and they are more than suitable for casual wear, as well as with a work outfit. They are excellent quality and the merino wool keeps you warmer, meaning you are carrying less bulky layers. I purchased a royal blue scoop neck and a black crew neck top. Simply LOVE!

There are many more colours to choose from. They are $39.95 in store, and online they are $32.39 (with free postage on AU and NZ orders).

Brooke and I highly recommend…

What are your winter basics this year?

Alison (and Brooke)


9 thoughts on “Love: Glassons Merino Wool Tops

  1. Love love love these tops! Live in them all winter. Each year I go to the house of G (glassons) and buy a few. I literally have to replace them each year as I wear them out! But at $40 a top it’s no problem having to replace them!
    So glad u bought a couple. I need to stock up on a few more as I’m still trying to get away with last years!!

  2. One year I bought them and they stretched out of shape. This year I bought them and they shrunk! Any secrets to washing them correctly!? They are great for winter.

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