Love: Hand Made Cards

I am always surfing the internet for inspiration and I have a real love of hand made cards – they hold so much love and creativity and thoughtfulness. Hand made cards are great for all occasions – birthdays, mothers/fathers day, farewell cards, Christmas cards, I love you cards, thinking of you cards….the list goes on and on. Here are some very clever people that I came across on the internet who have inspired me to get designing and gluing.


– Mother’s Day card by Mmmcrafts


– Handmade Clotheslines Bunting Gift Card by Sweet Tidings


– New Year Handmade Greetings Cards by Craftyways


– Handmade Flower Card by Trish and Treasure


– Heat Embossed Personalised Stationery by Martha Stewart

 What do you think about hand made cards?



6 thoughts on “Love: Hand Made Cards

  1. Handmade cards are beautiful and very special to receive. I love everything handmade. I even love the ones made by little hands with very rough edges! By the way, we all missed you and Miss Evie at PG on wednesday.

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