Love: Evie’s Bedroom

One thing I WILL miss when we leave our current home is Evie’s bedroom. I designed Evie’s room when I was pregnant with her, and I didn’t know whether we were having a boy or a girl. I kept it pretty neutral and have since added girly colours and features. We are very, very lucky to have received many gifts that Evie can enjoy in her beautiful bedroom.

I will miss this bedroom a lot. However, there is always the nest bedroom, and the next phase in her life that I will look forward to enjoying and decorating.

Do you have a favourite room in your house? What is special about it?



8 thoughts on “Love: Evie’s Bedroom

  1. What a lovely space Evie has to drop off in the land of nod!
    My kitchen is my favourite room. It is designed by me and used by me every day! It is the centre of the house – both literally and figuratively.

  2. What a lovely post, and a great memory of Evie’s lovely room!
    It’s so exciting that you will be able to create more memories in your new home.
    My favourite room is my lounge room – in particular my beautiful couch, that I bought from my surrogate Aunty Sue, I love it!

  3. Her bedroom is so beautiful! I still remember and have a lot of the things I was given when I was little, the memories are so special. I look forward to seeing what you do for her new room:) X

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