Love: Question of the Week

I have been known to use the odd swear word when talking to people I know well. I have also been known to use a swear word in front of people whom I don’t know very well. My question for this week is a general question that you will all have an opinion on…

Is it ok to swear in front of people you don’t know very well?

What words are and are not appropriate??

I would love to hear your responses to this one?!?



10 thoughts on “Love: Question of the Week

  1. I have a pretty frisky vocab, but I think its best in the privacy of my own home. I don’t have kids, but I would never want to be the reason that someone had to explain a Latin phrase to their offspring!

  2. I guess it’s different for everyone but I try not to swear and always fail. I usually swear in Norwegian so no one will know and it works quite well=)

  3. I try really hard not to swear, especially around the kids, but some days…….
    I am finding since havIng kids and turning forty that i do swear less and my vocabulary has expanded as I search for more appropriate words to express my feelings. Sometimes however you just need to say “FIRETRUCK!”

  4. Swearing is an important part of life, provided it is used in the right context, and not too often. I try to reserve it for special times when I really need it… Like when I stub my toe, or slam my thumb in the car door, etc. A good swear can dull the pain, just ask a woman in labour.

  5. I swear like a trooper! It’s not great and I do try to curb my language, however when I am worked up, I can’t help myself.
    I also believe that some moments call for a swear word to really give the impact, and I am a believer that one word in particular always gets the impact I am looking for…
    If I ever have kids, I hope to be able to keep my vocabulary in check though…

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