Bake: Banana Maple Mini Muffins

I have a cook book that is my ‘GO TO’ cook book. My dear friend, Khamal and his fiance, Jess, bought it for me many birthdays ago – I LOVE IT TO BITS! Whenever I want to find a staple recipe, it is bound to be in there. It is also the kind of recipe book that has different and unusual recipes – which is where today’s story begins.

– Women’s Weekly Cook –

Once upon a time, I had two over-ripe bananas. So I went to my trusty cook book and found a recipe that sounded num nums. It was called ‘Banana Maple Muffins’ and it happened to have all the ingredients that Mother Hubbard had in her cupboard.

– The recipe –

So off Mother Hubbard went to make these Banana Maple Muffins…

– All ingredients in one bowl –

– Using my trusty mini ice cream scoop for my mini muffins –

This recipe called for a coconut topping, which was coconut, butter and maple syrup that is a little cooked (burnt) and added to the top of the muffin…

– Crunchy coconut topping –

Mini muffins were the go on this day…

– All ready to go in the oven –

– After about 15 mins in the oven (I baked for less time as they were minis) –

– Ready for devouring –

And then Mother Hubbard and Father Hubbard and Baby Hubbard devoured all the Banana Maple Mini Muffins in a few short days.

The End.

So what do you think of the sound of these? Who is going to try them out too? Mother Hubbard would love to hear how you go with that.



9 thoughts on “Bake: Banana Maple Mini Muffins

  1. I was planning on making another banana cake today as Tully loved the one I made on Friday, but maybe I will make these instead! I am pretty sure I have all the ingredients in my cupboard.

  2. I feel like I would be able to make a more informed comment if I was able to taste one of these little muffins…. Funnily enough, I bought some bananas yesterday and they were all looking perfectly ripe, which got me thinking are they going to last the distance…??? Am I going to have to bake with half of them? As you know Alison, my pantry is stocked with lots of lovely items such as truffle oil, dried mushrooms and the like. What is does lack, and always has, is baking goods! I never think to buy flour, let along bi carb! Part of me refuses to because I know that if I bake, I will eat! In fact, some of the time I prefer to eat the mixture than the cake! Anyway, these little muffins with their crunchy maple coconut have got me salivating like pavlovs dog and I may just have to stock up on some good quality maple and flour!

  3. The Woman’s Weekly recipe books are amazing! I have the ‘Kitchen’ one and it has everything in it and more. Your mini Mother Hubbard muffins look great x

  4. Yum. I feel like banana is the perfect compliment to a lot of sweet treats. I also love the look of the AWW cookbook, what a great gift to receive! X

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