Love: Dress as a Skirt

As I’ve told you before, I love op shops. When I’m in the mood (and I have my trusty dad to look after Evie so I can concentrate) I love nothing more than flicking through the old patterns and clothes and books in op shops. I recently found a dress in a local op shop that I immediately knew would never work on me as a dress – I simply don’t have the upper body for a strapless, ruched dress. But I also immediately loved the fabric.

– The dress it is supposed to be –

So…I got it home, washed it, and tried it on as a skirt…and guess what???

– Could be worn like this on a warmer Spring day –

– Can be worn like this on a cooler day –

I actually wore it work a couple of weeks ago, with tights and boots and lots of layers on top and I was given many compliments – lovely! It is also great for a growing belly – whether you become preggers (?) or eat too much that day!

What do you think of turning a dress into a skirt? is it acceptable fashionable behaviour?



16 thoughts on “Love: Dress as a Skirt

  1. I love love love this skirt – not so much the dress. You have given me inspiration to have a look at the dresses in my wardrobe to see if the same concept can be used for these. LOVE IT!

  2. What a fantastic Op Shop find! Love how you made the dress into a skirt, you’re very talented. What a cheap, creative and easy way to add to your wardrobe, knowing that you have a one off item, created by you.

  3. What I love about fashion is that there are no set rules. I saw an amazing post yesterday by a funky young designer who found a vintage white knit long skirt and wore it as a dress with a fitted long black top underneath. It was stunning and one of the most stylish looks I’ve seen in ages! I think your skirt would look great with a crop pale blue denim jacket and white top too!

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