Sew: Please Inspire Me

As my gorgeous friend Jo has stated recently, “I have lost my Sewjo”. I am not sure why or how or when, but it’s definitely gone. So, I am seeking inspiration from you, my beloved readers. I have HEAPS of fabric and HEAPS of patterns, but most of them are in storage (thanks to house selling that was and house moving, that is to be). I have three projects that are sitting there, ready to be made, but I just can’t decide which one to do first. I would LOVE it if you would comment below and vote for whichever project you think I should do first. Which ever one gets the most votes, will be the one I start (hopefully) next week, in the second week of my holidays.


This is a pattern I found recently in an op shop and fabric I purchased in IKEA(which, as my mum would say, ‘needs a bloody good iron!’) . It looks quite simple and easy to make, but really seems like a Summer pattern. Maybe by the time I get around to finishing it, it will be summer?


This is cute little jacket for Evie. I got the pattern online at Heidi & Finn’s Etsy Shop and the fabric and lining at Spotlight. I am worried that by the time I finish it, Winter will be well and truly over?!?! Or maybe not?


This last one is a simple winter skirt that can be worn with boots and tights – I really like the shorter a-line one. I got the pattern (about three years ago) and fabric (recently) at Spotlight. The model on the pattern looks ever so happy in her skirt.

So, what do you think? I would love your vote and your inspiration….I promise I’ll show you when it’s finished!



20 thoughts on “Sew: Please Inspire Me

  1. Here I was getting excited that you didn’t have anything to sew! I was picturing all of the items in my closet that need a nip in here and a tuck there! Haha.
    I like all 3! But I think you should do the skirt for yourself. Quick easy and a new item to wear ASAP!
    Then make the top for yourself. If its still cold, wear it under a jacket.
    Then after all that is done make Evie’s jacket. It’s adorable but if you make it for next season I think she would appreciate it even more being that tiny bit older and understanding all the hard work gone in to create her masterpiece.
    Have fun x

  2. I really like number 2 but that’s also because I love Evie’s little outfits:) I look forward to you getting your sewjo back (love the word btw) xxx

  3. All of them are lovely, but I reckon coax your sewjo back into the fold with the easiest project with the biggest impact. I vote for the skirt. Once your sewjo is back, then you’ll be inspired to begin the other two projects. Good plan, yes?

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