Love: Making Play Dough

The other day someone told me making play dough was super easy.

So I tried it.

Turns out… IS super easy.

I actually got this play dough recipe form the side of the Cream of Tartar packet – there are many other variations around.

My friend Bonnie, has recently opened an Ebay store, Any Excuse where she sells play dough, so if you aren’t a play dough maker, then this is a great option (I almost went for it, but I really wanted to try it for myself). Bonnie also sells custom-made cookies (amongst other things) through this store – she is very clever.

So the ingredients are:

Play Dough

2 Tbs cooking oil (I used vegetable oil – I think that’s right?)

4 Tbs cream of tartar

2 cups flour

1 cup salt

Food colouring

2 cups water

Put them all together in a pot, over medium heat.

Stir until a ball forms – this took me about 3 – 4 minutes.

– Opening the packet of flour all by herself –

– The mixture before the colouring went in. We divided it into two so we could make more than one colour –

– The vivid blue –

– We wanted red, but it was going to take WAY too much food dye, so we stayed with pink –

– It suddenly forms a ball after a few minutes over the heat –

– Ready to go –

– Evie and I made cute little pink and blue biscuits for our tea party –

– The tea party was a HUGE success, thanks to the play dough –

Do you have a special, never-fail play dough recipe?



6 thoughts on “Love: Making Play Dough

  1. This is so cute!!! Evie looks like she’ll be quite the little cook one day 🙂
    Get that footy top off her though… xx

  2. I’ve always wanted to try Play Doh making- looks like fun to get the kids involved too. Is that a Brisbane Lions top I see Evie wearing??

  3. Evie looks like she’s having a great tea party. I also have a similar recipe although it’s a ‘non cook’ recipe. We use this at school and the children often make up a batch when we run out. It’s great for maths (measurement) and reading (procedure) as well as being a fantastic sensory activity for those tactile students. Everyone loves play doh!

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