Love: Pastel Casual

There have been a lot of harsh, bold colours around for a while, that my eye is now drawn to the softer, more pastel colours on the shelves. I adore Forever New fashions, and this outfit centres around the beautiful blouse in this spread – if you click on the link, and go to their site, you can also see the back of this blouse, which is different, and lovely.

1. Cue Contrast jacket in ink ($295)

2. Forever New Simone drape back blouse in print ($59.99)

3. Forever New Catherine metal sunglasses ($29.99)

4. Forcast Rhiannon necklace in beige ($24.95)

5. ASOS Nude quilted lock across body bag ($27.21)

6. ASOS Shine patent pointed court shoes in nude ($37.41)

7. Portmans Sateen cigarette leg pant in black ($79.95)

What do you think about pastels verses bold, block colours? Any exciting purchases you want to share this week?



6 thoughts on “Love: Pastel Casual

  1. I think I want to go shopping with you Bischa. You put together some lovely outfits. Althought I’m not sure pastel and I would mix well 😛 enjoy ur hols!!

  2. Love the cue jacket. Similar to one I wear to work. Had a look at forever new the other day and saw this blouse. Very sweet. I’m not sure where/when I’d wear it though. But love the idea of it. Not warm enough for this weather. Perhaps too heavy for summer?
    I love a nude heel though and would wear them a lot!!

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