Bake: Gingerbread, Pear and Almond Tart

One word to describe today’s baking item is YUM! I found this on my Donna Hay App and as soon as I saw it I was salivating like crazy – yes it got very messy indeed. So, off I went and made it and Husband (and I) devoured it so promptly, that I then had to make it again the following weekend….just to test that it was actually a winner. Verdict is…it’s a winner!

– Donna’s version: on the screen –

It was SUPER easy and was really just a gingerbread dough or pastry, with an almond meal and sugar lining, with (I used tinned) pears laid out on top and then the pastry pushed over the edges. The amount of work that went in was minimal, and the level of taste enjoyment that was experienced was maximum.

– The recipe –

Two things I did differently:

1. I used tinned pear halves (thank you to Bro and Sis In Law for regularly visiting country Victoria and supplying me with an excessive amount of tinned fruit) and,

2. I didn’t put any marmalade in (not a fan of the old marmalade). I just mixed the pears in the sugar and vanilla extract.

– My trusty Kitchen-Aide: I love you –

– Gingerbread pastry –

– Roll it out to a square-ish shape –

– Almond meal and sugar mixed together –

– Beautifully, carefully laid-out tinned pears –

– Ready to roll….or bake –

– Fresh out of the oven: YUM! There’s that word again –

Do you now want to eat this yummy tart? Have you made anything like this before?



15 thoughts on “Bake: Gingerbread, Pear and Almond Tart

  1. Looks reeeaaaly good Al! Well done. It looks simple and delicious – both very important qualities in the “Mumma’s School of Cookery”! Did you send Husband off to heaven by serving it with the suggested store-bought custard? xox

  2. Anything with ginger in it gets my vote. Your tart looks so good and the recipe looks easy enough even for me, so I might give it a go! Thanks

  3. Hey Al,
    I made it last night! Great recipe, thanks for sharing it. Quite easy to make but the gingerbread base does stick to the baking paper. So I rolled the edges of the baking paper together and pressed it into the pears and then transferred it all onto a baking tray (and trimmed the baking paper that was in the way!). My only other suggestion would be to reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe because I found it very sweet. I think the pears don’t need to be mixed with any extra sugar – maybe just the splash of vanilla essence? With the gingerbread base, I’m going to cut back 1/2 cup of brown sugar to just 1/3 cup and see if that makes a difference next time! And maybe I’ll just limit myself to one slice! Not two!!

    • Great news Joubie!I must admit, I didn’t think it was too sweet, but I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth, so that would explain that one! How can you possibly stop at one Carolyn? It’s holidays! Thank you for your comments and suggestions x

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