Love: Four Things

Something different….four things that are making me smile this week…


– Selling our house! YAY! PS. I’m NEVER cleaning again! –


– Having my treadmill back in the house, after it being in storage for four weeks –


– Evie’s new hair clip holder, made by our very clever ‘cousin’ Rachel for a LATE Christmas present…LOVE IT! –


– Thermal Camera on my Ipad’s Photo Booth program –

Something different….what are four things making you smile this week?




5 thoughts on “Love: Four Things

  1. Love the clip holder… very clever Rach!
    1. One week till holidays = one week till Canada/NY!
    2. Interviews done – most very positive and many parents appreciative of the hard work we put in.
    3. New shoes – little white flats, very cute, very cheap.
    4. Central heating – best thing ever in winter!
    x Ally

  2. Congratulations! Great picture:) Love Evie’s hairclip holder, I am ever so slightly jealous.

    Right now I’m loving my pyjamas, my bed socks, my doona and my pillows. Can you tell I’m about to go to bed? Xx

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