Love: Coloured Blazer

An injection of stylish colour into a dark, wet, doomy Melbourne Winter. Makes me feel warmer just thinking about it.


– Forever New Whitney Collarless Blazer in vibrant hot pink ($99.99) –


– Sportsgirl Boyfriend Swing Blazer in sapphire ($129.95) –


– Portmans Pop Colour Crop Blazer in Citrus ($99.95) –


– Katies Contrast Lining Blazer in Biscuit ($69.95) –


– ASOS Ponti Cute Curved Lapel Blazer in Navy ($59.52) –


– Forcast Izzy Fitted Blazer in pumpkin ($69.95) –

Do you think the bright colours are a bit too much? Or do you delight in the holiday from our dull, dark winter colours?



12 thoughts on “Love: Coloured Blazer

  1. I love these. I wish I wore more colour, ESPECIALLY in winter! I think I need to get out of my black uniform soon- makes me feel a little extra gloomy. ASOS one is my fave and would look great with a maxi skirt too. Did you buy the maxi skirt you posted a couple of weeks ago? xo

  2. When my niece was 14 (she is 19 now) she came from country Qld to Melb for a short holiday. On her first night, we took her out to dinner and the movies. I can’t remember what we saw, but we went to the Sun Cinema in Yarraville and we ate at Cafe Fidama. When we emerged from our respective bedrooms decked in our going-out clothes, her face just fell when she saw what I was wearing. “You look like a GOTH!” she said. I was wearing a pretty little black dress from cue, so it wasn’t what Melbournians would call goth, with a bright blue scarf (the colour of the Asos Jacket above). Thinking about that always makes me smile. Yes we do need more colour, but I find it hard to wear colour, you have to think! Dark colours allow you to dress in an automatic fashion… or is it ‘un-fashion’.

  3. I love bright colours! 🙂 My most recent blazer purchase was a floral one from asos, absolutely fantastic. Great selection as usual Alison, I think I need to pop into Forever New again..:)

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