Love: The Press Club

My beautiful friend, Karen, is once again worthy of writing about here in my blog – she has really starred lately (Choc-Chip Cookies for Karen). A couple of Saturdays ago, she kindly invited me along to celebrate her birthday, and dine with her, and three of her nearest and dearest, at The Press Club restaurant in Melbourne. There are few words special enough to describe this restaurant, and so I will try to use a few here….divine, amazing and impressive – I question whether these actually do it justice.

It was a fab evening and the food was amazing, the atmosphere was fun and the service was absolute top quality. We all decided to have the SYMPOSIUM DEGUSTATION – Symbosio, which was basically HEAPS of courses and no need for any of us to make another decision for the night. The food was ultra modern and it wasn’t just about the blending of flavours, but also textures throughout all the dishes, that obviously used a huge amount of techniques.

– Karen and I –

I would like to apologise to Karen now for all the errors I’m about to make regarding the details of the evening’s meal. I loved it to bits, but I’m not overly good at remembering ALL the finer details about the food we were served. I’d also like to thank Karen for the photos that she took on the night – these are yours 🙂

– Entree # 2: Wild Mushrooms, with spongy mushroom stuff and foamy stuff too –

– Main #1: Chicken cooked two ways, with a little jelly cube and celeriac noodles –

– Main #2: The Duck –

– Main #3: Pork, with crackling and black pudding (not one of my favourite things in the world) –

– Main #4: The Baramundi, with squid ink pasta –

– Dessert #1: Sorbet. This dessert was served to cleanse the savoury pallet, ready for the second dessert –

– dessert #2: Rice Pudding….but not just ANY rice pudding, it was YUMMMMM! I can’t even begin to explain why or how, but it was AMAZING! –

– The cute little jar that the rice pudding dessert was served in –

– Our bonbonniere: George’s signature olive oil –

So, it was certainly an experience that is not to be beaten too easily and I feel very lucky to have been a part of it – Happy Birthday Kaz!

Have you been to, or heard of the Press Club? What do you think? Have you tried a degustation menu before? What do you think?



10 thoughts on “Love: The Press Club

  1. I haven’t been to The Press Club but I have been to Hellenic Republic (which is nice food but overpriced and I don’t enjoy the two sittings, so that you get forced out just when you are having a good time) and St Katherine’s (which was really disappointing – really overpriced and the worst ice cream dessert I have ever eaten).

    • Oh no Kaye – what a shame! I loved Hellenic Republic, but haven’t tried St Katherines – it’s on my list! Thank you for your not-so-positive and honest review! Any recommendations form you?

  2. Yes it was a really great night Al. I liked all of the meals but I think the mushroom and pork were my top two. I found I dissected the meals too much so next time I need to just eat and taste it all together. It’s very modern food, very yum and very George – Yassou! xx

  3. Perhaps I am just not very aware of certain things, but I have only just recently learnt the word degustation, so no, I haven’t ever experienced it. The food looks pretty, a pity they haven’t invented a personal computer that can transmit taste and smell!

    • Yes, it’s not the most pleasant eating-word, is it? I’m new to it also Ren! One day they will have that technology – and I can imagine that it would be rather annoying at times…make you hungry all the time!! x

  4. I haven’t tried this type of dining either, (probably due to financial reasons mainly!) however I am very keen to try Vue De Monde as I have heard wonderful things about it! x Ally

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