Love: A Tourist in My Own City

A few weekends ago, we had two open houses in a row and with our tornado-toddler, it was easier to just leave the house for the afternoon, than to re-clean the next day. So off we popped into the city. It was a gorgeous sunny, still winter’s day, which meant rugging up in our biggest coats and hats (love a hat in winter) and continuing to move around all day. I had my beautiful new Nikon D3100 in my trusty new Lowepro camera bag, and I was loving myself sick.

– The beautiful sunshine on the park near the massive playground that Evie wanted to stay at forever! –

– Melbourne Cathedral. I love this building –

– Running along the Yarra River. She was so excited all day with so many new sights –

– So much to look at. All rugged up –

– The Arts Centre beyond the Yarra River. Stunning –

– My beautiful city –

Have you ever been a tourist in your own city? Have you been to Melbourne? What is your favourite place in Melbourne?



9 thoughts on “Love: A Tourist in My Own City

  1. Congratulations on the sale of your home! Your photos of the city are fantastic. We were in Melbourne on Saturday and enjoyed a breakfast in Degreaves St, followed by a lap of the Botanical Gardens. The only thing missing was a Nikon D1300 to capture the experience! Love little Evie’s boots – where did you get them?

  2. How l miss Melbourne so. Life in Melboure is filled with so many places to see. I miss the coffee, theatre, beach, and friends. LOVE Melbourne even more that l now know what it’s like to live in another city. xo

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