Love: Bags

Husband seems to have this strange belief that I have too many bags…..pfftt – he’s going mad. I do like bags a lot, but I believe one can never have too many bags, as one needs a different bag for a different occasion, for a different outfit, for a different mood, for a different season, for a different day….shall I stop now?

As it was my birthday recently, I did so happen to come across some new bags, to add to my collection, that is in no way too large…thank you very much Husband.

The first one was part of my birthday present from my gorgeous sister in law and brother. It was one I had featured on my blog several months ago, as part of a Fashion Friday outfit, but it was in yellow. It’s a cute little sling bag that I can grab and fill when heading out for an afternoon drinkie-poos with the girls, or a low-key dinner with Husband.

– Sportsgirl Mimi Lock Sling Bag –

The second one is not as glamorous, but certainly good-looking and very practical. Another birthday present was my Nokia D3100 SLR digital camera, and I really wanted something to protect and carry it in, that wasn’t square, bulky or ugly, like most SLR camera bags. I also found with this bag, that it was suitable for throwing my purse, water bottle, phone and keys into to take out for a day out and about. I love the colour and I love the size and I love the shape – perfect!

– It has stiff sections for holding the camera and spare lenses in place –

The third and fourth are bags that I ordered through my dear friend, Victoria. She works in fashion and deals with a company called Coco Kitten that produces these beautiful, stylish and quality bags. I was lucky to get my hands on two of them (I paid for them Β – I’m telling you this so you don’t think this is a paid ad). I ordered them quite a while ago, and the stock has just arrived, so it feels a little like Christmas having two band new bags in my possession. The smell of leather keeps wafting around me when I’m using them, they feel so lovely and soft and they are both perfect for different days and different occasions.

This clutch featured in my Fashion Friday spread last Friday. It can be taken out on the weekends, when I don’t have to carry too much. It pretty much holds my purse (just), phone and a few smaller items, like lip gloss and my Travalo.

– Coco Kitten Macy Leather ClutchΒ in tan –

– The inside has stripy, navy blue fabric, and three compartments, it’s very roomy –

This one is an everyday bag that can hold all my bits and pieces, including my Ipad. I’ve wanted a bag of this style for a very long time, so I feel very lucky to finally have one.

– Coco Kitten Sam Leather Handbag in Vintage Wash Brown –

Spoilt = Me.

Do you have a thing for bags? Do you have a long list of excuses to combat people who say you have too many bags? Please share.



12 thoughts on “Love: Bags

  1. I am very jealous! These bags are beautiful πŸ™‚
    I can’t even say which one I like the most…. they are all equally special in their own way!

  2. Wow! These are all amazing. I love them all.

    I am a bag lover too, and there is never enough. I do try and buy leather so they will last longer but I am not against getting Sportsgirl or Forever New bags either to maintain the collection;) My last purchase was a beautiful mustard bag from Sportsgirl and I really like it:) xx

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