Love: Question of the Week

This past week, I lost two working days with Evie having croup (poor little bubba) and therefore lost two whole days of productive working time – right when my exam marking started and just as I was (am) writing reports. This meant that I had to dedicate some time over MY weekend, to put in some serious work, so that I didn’t fall behind this week. As I normally always do the grocery shopping in our household – as I am a control freak AND a planner AND I am the dinner-cooker, I actually had to delegate this weekly task out to another house-hold member.

Now, as much as I think Evie would love to take the reigns of the weekly grocery-shop, I think she may have some trouble reaching the trolley handles and some of the items on the top shelves. Therefore, Husband offered to take on this task. With my (messy, but ordered) shopping list in hand, he set off to the local Coles to hunt and gather our week’s food sources.

As he left I said, ‘I’ll pick up the slack on Wednesday – whatever you forget, or miss, I’ll grab it on Wednesday’ (on one of my non-paid working days). To which he replied, ‘Oh, there’ll be no slack’, in a rather confident (and arrogant) tone.

This not only worried me greatly, but it also got me thinking….

Is it OK to trust Husband, Partner or anyone else, to head off to the supermarket to shop for an entire week’s household meals?

How many of you out there are true control-freaks, who find this a scary thought? Or is it just me who finds this concept all a bit scary?

PS. I’m picking up the extra items he forgot today….hmmmmm. I am however, very grateful that he did this for me – what a sweetie!



12 thoughts on “Love: Question of the Week

  1. As you know Alison, I returned to full time paid employment just seven months after having Ted. I had always been in control of the majority of things around the house. Unfortunately it wasn’t going to work that way anymore. Andrew offered to take on more responsibility. He would cook once a week. He did all of the washing! Mows the lawns. Puts out the bins. Helps with cleaning. Stacks and unpacks the dishwasher. This year he has also started to do the drop off to daycare. Boy, what a lot to hand over! But in reality, I had to. There was no way I could do it all and work 50-60 hours a week! And try to fit in time with Ted. I have had to let go of all control in these areas. So far it has worked ok, despite my missoni towels being turned pink! Aaagghhh!
    You should let Nathan do it every week! Saturday mornings whilst u are at the gym?

  2. Wow! Did you do ALL that before? Mowed the lawns? I’ve never touched a lawn mower in my life, wouldn’t know where to start!! Let’s not get carried away here now!
    Oddly enough, I really enjoy doing the clothes washing and I normally like doing groceries – just not when I’m loaded up with report-writing!! Husband definitely does his fair share around the house – he’s practically transformed it over the past 6 years!!

    • No I didn’t do ALL of that before. Some of it but not all of it. Just running through Andrews jobs. Was simply trying to say that working life often gets in the way of me controlling how I’d like things to be. I have had to let it go.
      I know Nathan does a lot around the house. If only we all had such handy men!

  3. My boyfriend does the grocery shopping because I find it so boring. I often just get things from time to time when I want to cook a nice meal. I trust him completely and he knows what I like so it’s not a problem:) I hope Evie is feeling better xx

  4. Since having a domestic helper and working full time my and my husband’s life has transformed. I find that she shops far better than l could do it! I used to love doing the grocery shopping – but, without kids.

  5. We always do our groceries together… even when we’re busy on the weekends, it’s a chance to get out of the house, perhaps grab a coffee, have a look at the shops etc. I have to say though, when I was in China, my very clever husband did a grocery shop just before I got back including my fave cereal, the ingredients for my fave home cooked meal (that he cooked for me) and some of my fave treats… if he was going to do groceries without me regularly I could only hope it would always be to that list!!! x Ally

  6. Hubby can be trusted to grab a few top up items during the week, milk, bread etc… but I am a control freak when it comes to the big grocery shop and I can do it in half the time if he stays home with the little one!

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