Love: I’m Awesome – Pay it Forward (Thankful Thursday on Monday)

My fellow-blogger Ingrid, from Glossy-Beauty, recently posted an awesome blog entry that follows a line of bloggers who nominate three other bloggers, who think they are awesome. It started way back on Thankful Thursday, but as I am such an organised (and busy) person, today is the day I am following this blog-tag.

Kate from Kate Says Stuff started this and as she explains, the idea is that you list three things that make you awesome (without modesty or guilt) and then you nominate three other bloggers who you think are awesome.

Ingrid so kindly nominated me, and so here I go…

Why I’m Awesome…

1. I am thoughtful and caring of others – always worrying about whether others around me are happy and comfortable and just generally ok.

2. I am super organised and a real planner – this allows me to achieve more, so that I can work (part time), be a good mum, be a good wife, be a good friend and blog more :).

3. I am awesome because I can have a laugh at myself (I stole this idea from you Ingrid – thanks). I love the idea of admitting I can and have made mistakes, worrying about it, then having a good laugh about it.

And the awesome bloggers (apart from Ingrid at Glossy-Beauty, who I would love to put here, but then we’d go around in circles) I would like to mention…

1. My first one is Meaghan from Meaghan Smith – Meaghan is an amazing personal stylist, who is so clever with fashion. She is constantly sharing her fab finds on her Facebook page, and she blogs about latest fashion trends and styles. LOVE!

2. The second one is Beth from Chic Envelopements – Beth is a clever lady who, so generously, shares her sewing and refashioning ideas with the rest of the world. I just wish she wasn’t so busy, and could blog more ideas, more often!!

3. And finally, Jess from Craftiness is Not Optional – Jess is full of beautiful and clever sewing and crafty projects. I have taken a lot of inspiration from her since I started following her over a year ago. One very clever lady!

Just AWESOME! There are many others I follow, but these are my faves at the moment and the ones I keep going back to for inspiration.

Who do you follow? Are there any great bloggers out there who you just continually LOVE? OR tell me three reasons why YOU are AWESOME?



12 thoughts on “Love: I’m Awesome – Pay it Forward (Thankful Thursday on Monday)

  1. I love this blog post! Thank you for introducing me to some fantastic new blogs, I’m addicted to blogs and have many favourites. You are an awesome chic Al, keep on blogging, it’s my daily fix! x

  2. A little birdy brought to my attention that you had mentioned me on your blog. Thank you so much Alison. I was really chuffed. It’s lovely of you. It’s very nice to know that someone is reading and enjoying my blog. Meaghan x

  3. I currently only read a few blogs but I genuinely love reading them and think they are awesome!

    1. Life and times with art
    2. Meaghan Smith
    3. Buynowbloglater
    4. Cupcakes and cashmere
    5. Sew and bake and love

    Will check out your recommendations Al. Especially Ingrids as I see she is always commenting on yours!

  4. Oh, there are too many bloggers I adore!

    Love Beauty in a Bottle, Ingrid’s, Ms Jelena’s Blog, yours, All the pretty faces…well, to name a few, I could go on forever.

    PS- So glad we can leave comments now! 😀

    @ Coconal on BH.

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