Love: Three Things

Look. See. Love.


– My new Nikon D3100 camera….can’t wait to learn how to use it properly! –


– Twitter…I have a new Twitter addiction. Follow me alison@sewandbakeandlove –


– Keeping busy –

Please tell me about three things you love this week???



4 thoughts on “Love: Three Things

  1. 1. My little Evie on the mend after Croup!
    2. Losing 12kg!
    3. Buying a house in Paynesville. One step closer to moving there!!! Yay!!
    I know I’m only supposed to have 3 but –
    4. Your Blog! M x

  2. 1. Reports finished – once interviews are out of the way I’ll be even happier!
    2. All the birthday love – lots of lovely gifts, cards and messages.
    3. Long weekends – sleeping in, a bit of cooking, and no reports to write!
    x Ally

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