Love: Floral Maxi Skirt

Ok, so this outfit is totally inspired by Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie – my girl crush). I am obsessed with trying to find the perfect maxi skirt and I think this one is the closest to being my favourite – in fact, I might just purchase it and be done with it. I used to wear floral maxi skirts way back in the 90s and I am just amazed that they are back in fashion – in my head they have always just stayed in fashion.

1. Forcast Nadia Rouched Blazer in coral ($49)

2. Minkpink Yoko Maxi Skirt ($123)

3. Sussan Boatneck Top in White ($29.95)

4. Sportsgirl Elastic Knot Belt in tan ($9.95)

5. Coco Kitten Macy Leather Clutch in Tan ($89.95)

6. Target Giddy Zip-Up Ankle Boots in tan ($35)

What do you think? Do you love a pretty maxi skirt?



13 thoughts on “Love: Floral Maxi Skirt

  1. Love love all that especially the skirt and clutch. I also love love love Nina, I was in tears yesterday morning watching offspring and again last night when I made Toby watch it too! She needs to win a Gold Logie for her drunk performance!!

  2. You’re totally speaking my language! That skirt is gorgeous and I agree it’s so hard to find a good one. The print and colouring is beautiful- just hope that gathering under the waistband is flattering. Let me know how you go with it Neens!! xo

    • I decided against it Mel- I actually wasn’t convinced it as worth the $120- not lined, polyester. After in depth discussions with my mother, I’m going to attempt to make it- oohhh scary!!!

  3. I love the Nina style! I’m a huge fan of the maxi dress but think that a maxi skirt might be just the thing to add to my wardrobe. Loving the latest Offspring episodes!

  4. Not sure I’m a fan of the maxi skirt. As much as I love nina, I don’t find them at all flattering! I dont need anything that accentuates my problem areas! The fabric is lovely though.
    Her drunk scene made me laugh so hard! I do however absolutely love her d co Copenhagen boots she has been wearing!!

    • I don’t agree that it accentuates your problem areas, I actually feel that it hides my larger thighs- and quite flattering. I do love the boots- but cant wear a heal as I don’t need more height!!

      • I meant they are unflattering on me! And dare I say … Nina! She looks lovely but they do hide her lovely figure. That’s the beauty of fashion, what doesn’t suit one shape will suit another.

  5. I just bought a maxi skirt yesterday!!! It’s sort of aztec-ish print, in purples, pinks etc (of course). I figure it will be really cool (temperature wise!) with a singlet top for swanning around NY… dressy enough to go out for lunch/dinner in, but also comfy! Should also be good here in winter with some layers and stockings. x Ally

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