Love: Question of the Week

There is something that my beloved brother said to me once when I was younger, about track suit pants, that I shall never forget. He said that he believed that one who left the house in track suit pants (for reasons other than exercise or hard-yakka-type work) – that is, for fashion reasons only, has given up on the world. I have never decided whether I agree with him or not….what do you think?

Is it acceptable to leave the house in track suit pants?

Are track suit pants part of your fashion wardrobe?

– Is it fashionable to have words across your butt? –

– What about with big logos plastered all over your track suit? –

– Or is it merely a casual look? –

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the track suit pants matter?



15 thoughts on “Love: Question of the Week

  1. I agree with big brother, I do love trakkies for the house, but agree that when you resort to wearing them in your regular going out attire that something has to change…
    and the writing and logos…. not loving those…. bit tacky??

  2. I agree with Brother. Only outside the house for exercise. Which doesn’t mean you can’t duck into supermarket, chemist etc before/after. I’m still in my PJs. Actually I drove my children to school drop off zone in them. Oops. I am ill.

  3. Your brother is correct.
    Tracksuit pants are often referred to as ”smacky dacks” usually the people you see wearing them out and about HAVE given up on the world!! Could be why I’m seeing girls wearing leggings as pants instead.. but that’s a whole other topic! Are leggings pants??

  4. Hmm I believe trackies are ok fior the supermarket. chemist etc but a no no if going to a shopping centre etc. The only time I would wear them to shopping centre is if I decide to walk/run there with the pram!

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