Sew: Wide Leg Pants into Slim Leg Pants

I found an awesome blog a few weeks ago titled Chick Envelopments, where a very clever lady, named Beth, makes alterations on many of her old clothes, as well as ones she’s found in Op shops, to create new and funky designs. I just LOVE this idea to bits! The latest blog entry she had, at the time, was to create skinny trousers from wide legged pants. This is when it occurred to me that I had plenty of older, yet perfectly good, wide legged trousers in my cupboard that I could attempt this with. So off I set, with my Janome and my pins…(and thanks to Husband for helping me pin).

– The closest thing I have to a before photo….I forgot to take a proper one –

– Another ‘before’ photo –

After pinning both seams, I stitched and then cut the edges (trying them on before cutting them to ensure I had the width right).

I then needed to overlock the raw edge to avoid fraying.

– Overlocking –

It feels like I have to do everything in bits at the moment, due to time restraints. If I added up the total time it took me to do this, it wasn’t very long at all – perhaps half an hour.

– Ta da! Slim leg pants –

I also took the waist in, as well as the outer thighs, as they were a tad too big.

– Side view –

And from behind…

– Butt shot –

What are your thoughts on wide leg pants versus slim leg pants? Have you ever altered a piece of clothing?



10 thoughts on “Sew: Wide Leg Pants into Slim Leg Pants

  1. This is a great idea Al. I have many wide leg pants too that are just sitting there. Do you think you could do this to jeans or would the thick denim make it too difficult?

  2. What a nifty idea!! They turned out really well Al. What a shame your poor old Mum can’t sew. If only her very talented daughter…………… 🙂 x

  3. Oh, these turned out wonderful!!!! I just love how they show off your cute shoes!
    I’m so glad you posted pictures and let me know so I could see them. I love seeing everyone’s projects!
    Enjoy your day!!!!

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