Love: Beautiful Doona Covers

I have a weakness for beautiful doona covers. There’s something ultra-special about a beautiful, freshly-made bed (with fresh sheets, of course)…


– Martha Stewart Bird-Ebroidered Quilt Tutorial


– Mercer and Reid Decoupage Quilt Cover Set from Adairs ($119.95 QB)-


– Ikea Stenklover Quilt Cover Set in Red/White ($49.99 QB) –


– Sheridan Lola quilt cover set in blush ($124.98 QB) –


– KAS Aviary quilt cover set ($175.96 QB) Pillows and accessories cost extra –



– This one looks familiar…this is ours – bought from Target and no longer available…love it –

Do you love a beautiful doona cover like me?? What is it about a beautiful doona cover??



8 thoughts on “Love: Beautiful Doona Covers

  1. I’m always on the look out for a gorgeous manchester. I specifically love Logan & Mason (expensive but beautiful). Your post has inspired me to fancy up our bed linen. It just makes the space for sleep more inviting.

  2. I love linen too! I would sleep in new sheets every night if I could!! Treated myself to my favourite quilt set last year and love it more and more as time goes by. It was a huge expense at the time but oh so worth it!

  3. A very timely blog topic Bischa! We’re in the market for a new doona cover. The problem we’re having is finding one that’s male enough for the bedroom. The winter collection is helping, but we can’t seem to agree on beautiful đŸ˜› we did find a grey one with embroided circles, but there wasn’t any left in our size!!! How do you find one that boys like too??

    • Ahhh, the question in everybody’s lips…the answer is….don’t bother! Ha! No, seriously, something that has simple, darker colours. I saw heaps of good ones when preparing this post- try Harvey Norman, Freedom and Ikea. Love to hear how you go Casey. And thanks for the comment Chookie x

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