Love: A Cute Cardi

One can never own too many cute cardigans – there are just so many occasions they can be worn, so many different outfits to be worn with and throughout the year (in Melbourne anyway).


– Alannah Hill My World Stopped! Cardigan in Cherry ($149) –


– ASOS A Wear Swan Cardigan in Pink ($51) –


– Sheike Fever Knit Cardi in print ($59.95) –


– Alannah Hill Don’t Jump the Gun Cardi in Creme ($219) –


– Dangerfield Dolly Dot Cardigan in Pink ($60) –


– Forever New Lulu Pointelle Cardigan in Aqua Ice ($59.95) –

I know there’s TWO in there from Alannah Hill, but they were both so cute that I couldn’t decide.

What are your thoughts on the cute cardi? Do you own one? Or many? 



8 thoughts on “Love: A Cute Cardi

  1. I love cardigans!! I wear them all year round – I have regular length ones, cropped and long line ones that cover my bum (essential!)
    When it gets really cold, I layer them under my jacket. Although it has a limited lifetime, the cheapy shop Cocolatte used to have them in every colour for $7.99. Washing in a hosiery bag and a lint remover comes in handy with these! I love the second Alannah Hill one best. xo

  2. I do like No. 4, although I don’t think I could justify $219 for a cardi…. 🙂
    I have many a cardi, but tend to go for the plain colours rather than patterns… perhaps I should branch out.

  3. I agree with everything that Holly said! Love the Alannah Hill, but too expensive, have many, plain colors, should branch out. x Ally

  4. Number 1 and 2 are definitely my favourites. I have two cardis that I use ALL the time. Especially since I often finish work at 11pm so the weather may be perfect when I arrive at work but it can be cold by the time I leave. One is grey and one is coral and I just alternate them. I do need a third for sure:) X

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