Bake: Pear, Raspberry & Yoghurt Trifle

I got this healthy(ish) dessert idea from my new Super Food Ideas app on the Ipad. It is actually in the ‘Kids Cook’ section of the app, with the sub-heading ‘Snacks for Active Kids’. So I thought…that’s me!

– SFI app for Ipad –

I was initially attracted to the combination of flavours; pear and raspberry, then I read further and discovered it was a lovely, healthy(ish) dessert consisting mainly of fruit and yoghurt. I didn’t end up following the recipe, as I got a bit lazy when it came to the food-processing of the crumble components and then the baking of the crumble components. So I ended up simply layering the pear (tinned, of course), the defrosted (frozen) raspberries and the vanilla yoghurt, with a little honey, and crumbled some Anzac biscuits on top (this is all I had in the cupboard).

Here’s how it looked…

– First layer of yoghurt was with the low fat natural-style, with a drizzle of honey to sweeten it –

– Evie helped –

– Helping by poking –

– Still helping –

– OOOhhhh….helping –

– Cheeky –

– Looks good enough to eat –

– Yum –

So, not technically a bake recipe, but very yummy – and there was a lot less guilt involved after ingesting it for dessert that evening!

What are your favourite healthy(ish) desserts?


Something Beautiful 31.05.2012 #photoadaymay



7 thoughts on “Bake: Pear, Raspberry & Yoghurt Trifle

  1. They look fabulous sweetie – you’re very lucky to have such a keen little helper!! The dessert and the cutie both look good enough to eat!!! M x

  2. Yum! This looks fantastic. I love Anzac biscuits. I guess if you swop the biscuits for muesli this can become breakfast?:)

    Evie is looking adorable as usual, I like her style X

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