Love: Question of the Week

The other day, I was walking back from the park with Evie and that morning, I had enjoyed a lot of water and a coffee, and I was beginning to feel the need to do a wee. I was still about 20 minutes from home and all I had between me and the comfort (and relief) of my own toilet, were other people’s houses (no public toilets). At this point, it occurred to me that this actually meant that there were probably about 300 toilets I was passing, just in the twenty-minute walk home. This lead me to this week’s question…

If you were really in need of a toilet stop, and only had residential houses around you, would you knock on a stranger’s door, asking, oh so politely, to use their toilet?

And I mean REALLY busting…..



8 thoughts on “Love: Question of the Week

  1. If I was busting so much that I could no longer walk, then I’d hide behind a tree and let it all out! I could not bring myself to knock on a strangers door and ask for thier WC! They would think I was a mad woman! (it’s probably even madder for a lady to pee behind a tree…!

  2. Interesting question, am not sure I could knock on a strangers door either, I think I too would have to wee behind a tree etc!

  3. Couldn’t knock on a stranger’s door. Knowing my luck, it would probably be Hannibal Lector inside. A situation like that would REALLY get me serious about running!! What did you do?? xo

    • Ah, running is an option, if you don’t already have a weak pelvic floor (DO YOUR PELVIC FLOORS LADIES!!) – this could be an issue if you do. Luckily I made it home without wetting myself (this time) or needing to knock on doors….but I wonder whether I would try the door knock??? Such a weird thought that we would pass so many toilets on the way, but never use one because they are in someone else’s house!??!

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