Love: Strangeland – Keane

– The new Keane album: Strangeland –

It would be an understatement to say that I really love the band Keane. Ever since I heard their song, ‘Everybody’s Changing’ all those years ago from their first album, ‘Hopes and Fears’, I have been a huge fan. A few years ago, they toured Australia, for the first time since I have been a fan, and I was so excited to see them live at Melbourne’s Palace Theatre (the old Metro night club at the top of Bourke Street). They lived up to my dream, and ever since then, I have loved them more. The band consists of four british 30-something guys who formed in 1997 and I find rather attractive; Tom Chaplin (main vocals), Richard Hughes (drums), Tim Rice-Oxley (piano) and Jesse Quin (bass – and a much later addition to the band in 2007). There’s something really hot about them (and by hot, I mean HOT!), they seem have a really clever publicity crew who make sure their image is well-designed, with a really clever website, which has blog-style entries by the band members themselves (this is quite unusual). With each album, they have had a different theme; colours, typefaces, imagery and style.

– “Hopes and Fears‘, released in 2004 was their first album. Darker visuals and a simpler style –

– ‘Under the Iron Sea‘ released in 2006; had a fairy-tail-ish theme, lots of blues in the designs –

– ‘Perfect Symmetry‘ released in 2008; bold shapes and colours that match the bold sounds from the album (They toured Australia following this album) –

– ‘Night Train’ and EP released in 2010; a bit eclectic, with lots of ‘guest artists’ –

– ‘Strangeland’ released in 2012; a sea-side, vast, open-spaces style of visuals and a chilled-out, relaxed sound in the music –

I have owned this album for just over a week (I purchased the deluxe edition) and I am truly in love with its sound. Keane have once again impressed me and I really feel like their music style has evolved once again and even matured (as they are).

My favourite songs (so far) are ‘The Starting Line’, ‘Strangeland’ and ‘Watch How You Go’. I’ve always really loved the melodies of Keane’s music, but I especially love the lyrics. They’re like poetry and it feels like the words always hit me right at certain times in my life, when I need them to hit me…

Drag your heart up to the starting line,

forget the ghosts that make you old before your time.

It’s too easy to get left behind.

I know you’ve been kicked around,

but tie up your thoughts and lay them down on me.

From ‘The Starting Line’.


You drove across the border,
As the winter rains ran dry
And, only fit for birdsong, filled the sky
You threw your head back
Screaming as we raced across wet sand
And leapt into the waters of the Strangeland

From ‘Strangeland’.

I would also like to share their first music video clip released, from the album…

LOVE LOVE LOVE! This is my new favourite album and I’m hoping they tour again soon – I will be first in line to buy the tickets…who’s coming with me?

What are your thoughts on Keane? Have you heard this new album? If, what are your thoughts?


The Weather Today 28.05.2012 #photoadaymay



7 thoughts on “Love: Strangeland – Keane

  1. I completely missed the 2010 EP but I have the younger albums and they have been listened to so many times. I would have loved to go to their concert…:) I am about to go on an iTunes spree Xx

  2. I think Keane is ‘easy listening’ music (and I don’t mean that in a bad way)… great music to have on in the background! Really enjoyed the concert as well, but wouldn’t necessarily note them on a list of my most fave bands. x Ally

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