Sew: Friendship Bag

I was trawling the internet a few weeks ago, looking for a simple, practical and modern patch work project. I came across a blog by a lady named Rachel Griffith called P.S. I Quilt . Rachel is a very clever lady and has many free sewing tutorials on her site – I especially like her Friendship Bag and so I followed the easy instructions, along with many photographs, so you can see where you should be at with each stage. I wasn’t sure exactly how big it would be, and as it turns out, it is quite small. This is a perfect size for Evie and it is great timing because she is at the age where she is loving girly things like jewellery, hair clips and handbags.

I love the fabric – which was actually from a quilting pack I had purchased and decided I’d never make the actual quilt, but that I loved the fabric and will make many other things out of it.

It has been well received.

Have you ever made anything from a pattern and it’s been a different size (or shape) from what you expected?


Something New 24.05.2012 #photoadaymay



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