Bake: My BIG Birthday Cake

I am a control freak. I can hear you all gasping in shock at the idea that I could be aware of the fact that I am a control freak. Admittedly, I have become less of a control freak since having a child – many things are now well and truly out of my control. One thing I DO have control over, is my birthday cake. I didn’t want to make a fuss of my birthday this year – something about being nearly halfway to 70 seems to make it less celebrate-worthy. I also recently bought the Donna Hay app for my Ipad and I truly LOVE it, as the pictures are glossy and beautiful. I highly recommend it for those who have an Ipad and a love for cooking. I did have a few people tell me that it was sad to make your own cake (you know who you are!) but I wouldn’t have it any other way. In addition to that, there was no one else around who was going to do it.

– The Donna Hay app in ‘cook mode’. It takes you through the recipe step by step –

This is what the cake looks like on the beautiful Donna Hay app…

– It’s a little animation of the outside of the cake, then it has a slice taken out –

So, it’s a really simple chocolate cake recipe, but a LARGE batch, as you cook it in two cake tins. You start off by mixing cocoa and water, with sour cream.

– Sifting the cocoa –

– Cocoa, water and sour cream –

Then adding this to the butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla.

– Butter and sugar beating away –

– Chocolatey-goodness –

– One of the two cakes, ready to be baked –

Then baked in a moderate oven for 50 minutes.

– Baked choccy-cakes –

So, I baked these one evening, then the next day I went about icing the cake. This was the ultra-fun bit! This required a shit-load of cream cheese, butter and icing sugar, all beaten together.

– Sifting the icing sugar into the whipped butter and cream cheese –

– Lots of beating –

– Layers of cake, ready to go –

– The nude cake –

– Another shot of the nude cake. I love how it looks –

– Evie was helping at this point –

– Helping by touching –

– Helping by tasting –

– An all-round big help –

I had planned to make it all-white, like the picture, but ran out of icing mixture when I was filling the layers, and so I decided to make a simple chocolate, butter icing to cover it with. It is now a brown version of Donna Hay’s cake.

– Looks good enough to eat –

– Yum! –

And then I sang ‘Happy Birthday To Me’, cut the cake and ate a massive slab of it….YUM!!

– The inside is revealed… –

– Happy Birthday to MEEEE!! –

– Decadence –

I’m really happy with the final result. It’s a great self-made birthday cake. I love it.

Have you ever made your own birthday cake? Do you have an opinion on me making my own cake?


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20 thoughts on “Bake: My BIG Birthday Cake

  1. Yum! Happy birthday my beautiful friend!
    What a delicious looking cake! Is that cream between the layers?
    Any left over???? Have a super day x

  2. Happy Birthday sweetie pie!!! Sorry we aren’t with you to celebrate – we’ll be down in early July and we’ll do it properly then!! That 3rd picture of Evie is absolutely precious!! She is full of mischief in that shot!! Did you take those photos with your new camera? Very creative angle shots! Btw, how many calories per slice? haha. Actually, I’m pretty sure there’s NO calories in your own birthday cake!! Hope you have a cracking day!! Love ya!!!

  3. The cake looks divine. I’d even eat the cream – and I’m not a fan of cream. Camera shots are looking fabulous – sharp, clear and realistic. Happy birthday to you! Miss you and love you. Shan xo
    PS Sorry for lack of comments of late – need to spend more quality time with my Mac. xo

  4. First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sending you virtual balloons:)

    I love the Donna Hay app and I swooned when I saw this cake. I am so impressed with how well yours turned out – it looks amazing (and I am sure it tasted even better). Well done you X

  5. I am totally all for making your own birthday cake!! You can make it and decorate it to be exactly what you want which I think makes it even more enjoyable and yummy. It looks absolutely delicious!! But the question arises…if you make your own cake do you have to share it?? I find i am less sharing when i have made my own…is that bad??Happy birthday Ali!!

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