Love: Question of the Week

This is a new idea for a post.

I will endeavour to pose a question on a weekly basis – no set day, just on a random day.

The question will be one that doesn’t necessarily come up all that often, but is something that we may all have an opinion on, or an answer to. It may not be hard-hitting, but it will provoke thought.

– – –

After visiting my bathroom, my soul-sista, Brooke wanted to know…’Do I brush my teeth in the shower?’ My answer was, ‘yes, sometimes. It depends on the day and time of day – I have TWO toothbrushes.’ She was baffled, as was my other soul-sista, Holly (who was also there, sharing a bevvy and a discussion about brushing one’s teeth in the shower). They believed there were TOO many other things to get done in the shower (washing, conditioning, cleansing, shaving, exfoliations) and that it was quite simply, a waste of water.

– One of my toothbrushes… my shower –

What are your thoughts? Do you brush your teeth in the shower? Or do you have other thoughts and beliefs on this topic?


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16 thoughts on “Love: Question of the Week

  1. Well soul sista! I really did get the shock of a lifetime whilst perched on your very clean loo to look up an see a toothbrush in the shower! I am all for getting a lot done in the shower…. Hehe might save that comment for another night on the wine!! But… Not sure if I could brush my teeth in the shower. Perhaps it all comes down to me being a terrible spitter. I’d expect toothpaste to end up in places id rather it not!
    I’m willing to concede that it may be ok. However I think the cherry on top was when you told us that Nathan uses the same brush!!! Ewww boy germs!

  2. Am hearing you sista! I hate getting out of the shower without freshly brushed teeth! One toothbrush for the shower, the other at the basin for bedtime brushing!

  3. If I brushed my teeth in the shower it would be before my breakfast… Which would defeat the purpose of increased productivity as I would have to double brush before I left the house. 🙂

  4. hmmm I must say again that I couldn’t do it. Another reason is I don’t think you can truly brush your teeth properly in the shower…. but very thought provoking indeed! Great new section!

  5. I really like this idea, you are so clever:)

    I have never brushed my teeth in the shower and just don’t understand how it could work for me logistically either. Too much else to do in the shower and I like to brush my teeth above the sink in front of the mirror. X

  6. The only time I brush my teeth in the shower is after a late game of netty when I’m just having a quick rinse off before going straight to bed, so will take my toothbrush with me. Will be doing it tonight after my 9.50 game!! x Ally

  7. Al, I was halfway through writing the most long winded (but I’ll admit, pretty funny) response to this, but remembered. Concise. To the point. OK – shower. Firstly, I must respectfully disagree with Holly on this one – I think I brush my teeth much more thoroughly and for longer as I enjoy an extra couple of minutes in the hot water. I also brush my teeth whilst face mask and hair conditioner is on, allowing for maximum penetration. Yes, that sounds like the name of a porno.

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