Love: De-cluttering and De-personalising the House (Our Home)

On the weekend, we had out first open house to officially kick off the campaign to sell our abode. We have spent the past month, or so, cleaning, tidying, de-cluttering and de-personalising the interior and exterior, to allow potential buyers to see the house as a place they could live. This has been an interesting and slightly confronting experience, as it means taking a big step back from how we like to have our home, to now living in a building, that looks lovely, clean and tidy (most of the time), but is not where we’ll be for long.

The first de-personalising we did was swap all our wall photos over from happy-memory family shots, to beautiful scenery photography that we took when we traveled around Europe (pre-child).

I also had to de-clutter and beautify our book shelf. My beautiful friend, Holly started this process off for me (thank you Holly) and I was able to finish it using a little creativity and some special items around our house. Admittedly, there are still some favourite photos on the bookshelf, but I figure they are small and are way too special to put away, even for a short time. The actual bookshelf was made by my very clever dad – I just adore it.

– Our beautiful bookshelf –

– Husband’s elephant: A gift from a friend –

– These are from Typo: Perhaps a bit personal (and tacky?) but I love them all the same –

– Three small canvases with cute material stretched over them: too cute to pack away –

– My beautiful Babushka doll, given to me by my mum – I remember it when I was young and it is so lovely now on our bookshelf. One day Evie will play with it –

– A couple of small, yet special gifts from my mother in law, and my mum: love them –

In my future home, I am going to try to live my life with fewer items and less ‘stuff’.

Have you ever de-cluttered and de-personalised? How did it feel? Do you have some beautiful items that just NEED to be displayed?


Where I Stand 21.05.2012 #photoadaymay



6 thoughts on “Love: De-cluttering and De-personalising the House (Our Home)

  1. I feel like I de-clutter all the time and then suddenly I have to do it again. I am actually planning a de-clutter session this afternoon.

    I love your bookshelf, it is absolutely fantastic X

  2. Holly is a fantastic organiser! Your home looks beautiful, wishing you all the best for the sale and may your new home be filled with much love and happiness x

  3. Made me smile that one of your very special photos, too special to put away is from our special day… and one of the things that I have that cannot be put away is our copy of the very same picture, I love it. My most favourite people!
    Another thing that must always be on display is the lovely cross stich that my Aunty Fay made for our wedding, and the Inukshuk my lovely friend Conor gave us (it’s a Canadian symbol of friendship). So many others to list, but like you, maybe I need to have less ‘stuff’ on my bookshelves! x Ally

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