Sew: The Things I Want to Make…IDream

As our house is officially on the market, we have to keep it neat and tidy, and we’ve got half of our belongings in storage to minimise the look and maximise the space. This being said, most of my sewing supplies are in storage and my spare time is taken up with tidying up after the whirl-wind toddler and generally keeping the house in order. I spend my day-dreaming time thinking about what I would love to sew and I want to share some items that are on my IDream list.


– Latte Sleeve. Instructions can be found on the SInger website


– Stuffed animals for kids. Instructions on the Martha Stewart website


– Owl tag along toddler backpack. Recipe on the Moda website


– Mother’s Day cushion. Instructions on Home Life website


– Striped Table Runner. Instructions on Singer website

Do you ever dream of things you want to do or create, but just can’t find the time?


What I’m Reading 16.05.2012 #photoadaymay



2 thoughts on “Sew: The Things I Want to Make…IDream

  1. There is so much I want to do, not necessarily DIY but simple things like baking, running and reading that doesn’t get the priority it should because of the work/life balance. Your picks are great by the way, the owl backpack is lovely X

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