Love: Running (Mostly Jogging Actually)

I have come to the conclusion that running (or jogging) is my way of keeping sane. My way of sorting out the crap that messes up my head and filing it all neatly until the next time I run (jog) and do it all over again. I discovered running (jogging) about 7 years ago, when a very good friend and colleague, Jo, introduced me to it. She was (and still is, I believe) an avid fan of running and was able to teach me a lot about the techniques, benefits and of course, combatting the head games that go along with it. I spent the next five years, or so, making sure I ran (jogged) regularly. I then had an accident at work, where my desk chair broke, and one of the legs jabbed me in the coccyx. This was an injury that would haunt me (on and off) until even now. I then fell pregnant with Evie, and my running (jogging) became non-existent, for reasons including the coccyx injury.

– Zoe (our beloved cat, who has since passed away) helping me take a photo of my pregnant belly –

After having Evie, I found that I didn’t really get the time, or put the time into, getting my running (jogging) fitness back. At the risk of sharing ‘too much information’ I have also never found my pelvic floor to be the same since being pregnant with, and giving birth to Evie (DO YOUR PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISES LADIES!!).

So, on Sunday I was able to run (jog) the 8km Mother’s Day Fun Run with the confidence and fitness that I have been working towards for the past three months. I have been slowly building up my running (jogging) sessions on the treadmill and outdoors to ensure that I was ready for the Fun Run.

It was an amazing experience, to be able to push through the hard moments, in the freezing, pouring rain, amongst 40,000 others, who were also walking and running for the same reasons. At one point, I was using every ounce of energy I had to pull myself up a hill, for the second, and last, time, and I looked up to see a mass of people doing exactly the same thing – it was a sea of pink, wet runners. It was enough to keep me going. I finished in 47 minutes – I am happy with this, as I was happy to do it under an hour!

– A shot from the website –

I didn’t realise that I would read so many messages pinned onto people’s backs, dedicating their runs to their mums, or sisters or aunties, who had obviously lost their battles to breast cancer. I actually got to a point where I couldn’t read these messages any more as it was affecting my breathing – which I obviously needed to run the 8kms. Even writing about it now chokes me up.

– A tribute from the website –

I would like to formally thank the people that sponsored me to complete the run. Husband and I raised $150 to go towards research into the causes of breast cancer. We are really grateful for your input and support.

I also want to keep running (jogging) on a regular basis. As Beth says in the film, ‘The Lucky One‘, “I run because it’s cheaper than therapy” – I love it! And as a good friend Liz said a few days ago, “I wish I was a runner, because everyone I know who runs, always comes back so happy!” – This is so true!

Do you run? Why do you run? If not, what are your thoughts on running? or runners?


Love 15.05.2012 #photoadaymay



14 thoughts on “Love: Running (Mostly Jogging Actually)

  1. Running certainly helps me make sense of the things going on.i often wind up with a great idea or two after a run and the energy to make them happen

  2. Great running Al!
    I always wondered how or why people called it a fun run. But it seems to have finally clicked for me in recent years. I always thought I wasn’t a runner and that I didn’t have the body for running. I have quite flat feet and it does make it difficult. I used to set off for a run and always try to better my last run. I spent so much time focussing on that instead of just running.
    I decided I was going to let that go and ever since I’ve become a much better runner. I can push out 8km and still back up and exercise the next day. It’s amazing how much it is a mind game when you run!
    I still suffer from blisters but I ignore them as much as possible and just keep going. I am really enjoying running at twilight. Perfect way to wind down from a days work! Yep I agree.. Better than therapy!
    Keep up your running al! Who knows.. Half marathon might be next on the list?? X

  3. Well done Alison. You’re an inspiration. Any form or exercise is certainly cheaper than therapy, I’m a big fan of cycling and feel reborn after an hour on the bike x

  4. Since doing my first Run Melbourne three years ago, I have enjoyed the process of preparing for a run and the excitement of lining up with thousands of others early on a Sunday morning (usually freezing cold) in order to raise money or just achieve a personal best. Sadly, in between Run Melbournes my running (jogging) peters off to nothing… not sure how to keep that motivation going year round! Suggestions?
    Very proud of your efforts in the Mother’s Day run. It’s one I’ve always wanted to do in memory of my very lovely Nana, but always seem to have things on that weekend. Maybe next year!! x Ally

  5. I’ve been meaning to come back and read this post for a while. Well done on your amazing effort – and a fantastic time, too. It was just the thing I needed to motivate me to get back on my treadmill (which I REALLY needed).
    Sharyn recently said that you look as amazing and healthy as you did on your wedding day.

    • Thank you Hayley (and Sharyn) for those lovely compliments! I am so glad that you feel inspired again to get back on that treadmill! It’s such great ‘off-me-good’ time! I would love to hear how you’re going with it all!! Xox

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