Love: The Metallic Skirt

I’m not really sure I have the youth to really wear a metallic skirt (or the legs for that matter) but I love them anyway. There’s something special about a shiny skirt that catches the sunlight and brightens up everybody’s day. I also love that they can be worn with black tights and therefore be worn throughout the winter.


– ASOS Rare Metallic PU Skater Skirt in gold ($64.66) –


– Sportsgirl Metallic Pencil Skirt in gold ($39.95) –


– Bardot Ziggy Metallic Skirt in Gold ($69.95) –


– Glassons Pocket Front A-line PU Skirt in Bronze ($40.49) –


– Alice + Olivia Jaylyn Patterned Metallic Mesh Skirt ($290) –

What do you think about metallic skirts? Are they for the younger generation only? Or, you’re welcome to just make a random comment!!




8 thoughts on “Love: The Metallic Skirt

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about the metallic skirt… I do think they may be for the younger generation only, and it may just be me not being up with the fashions of the day, but i’m thinking they’re a little 80’s! Too harsh?

  2. I quite like them but probably wouldn’t wear them myself. I think they only look good with black stockings and black top as other colour tends to detract from them.

  3. The last skirt is my favourite. So funny you mention this because when I was in Melbourne and bought my Tigerlily dress, I had to go down a size to 6. I also tried a metallic skirt in size 10 and it was too small. Such random sizing but because they didn’t have 12 I didn’t buy it. I think anyone can pull it off as long as it’s well-styled. After all, isn’t that why we use opaques to cover up the bad bits? X

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