Bake: Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding

I am going to begin today’s post by stating that I COMPLETELY blame Husband for making me bake this dessert. I have to admit that I used to make it quite a lot. It’s an old favourite of ours that is easy and looks and tastes SOOOOOO YUMMY! It is however, NOT a low-calorie dessert that I have made in the last three months whilst being on the healthy eating plan (which has now come to an and officially, but I am continuing on with it unofficially).

I actually have the recipe in one of my many recipe folders that I have various clippings from many years of food magazines, newspapers, photocopies and old print-outs from I am pleased that it is still in here on the Taste Website.

– My original tattered recipe –

– Brown Sugar and cocoa dusted on top of the cake make the sauce –

– Pour the boiling water over it just before it goes into the oven –

– This is the pudding AFTER Husband (we) had attacked it –

– This is THE BEST custard on the market –

So I was very good because I only had one serving (with the custard, of course) and I donated the remainder to Husband, which made him delightfully happy (almost child-like in fact). It’s my tried and tested old favourite that I think I’ll always keep going back to.

Do you have a chocolate self-saucing pudding recipe that you have stashed away? Where have you eaten your best pudding?


A Favourite Word 10.05.2012 #photoadaymay



6 thoughts on “Bake: Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding

  1. Both the Mumma’s in my life (yours and mine!) make super self saucing choc puddings and from memory! I also have a recipe for a pear and choc chip self saucing pudding from SFI that’s pretty yum! x Ally

  2. It looks absolutely divine! I haven’t made this before but I will have to now. I will also have to check out the custard. Looks delish X

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