Love: GAIA Skincare Intensive Moisturiser Review

As the household bills pile up in my ‘bills to be paid’ folder, I become more convinced that the days of expensive beauty products are nearly over. As one of my favourite bloggers, Ingrid often states on her blog, Glossy-Beauty, it’s not so important that ALL your beauty products are really expensive. She believes that it IS possible to get away with having some that are cheaper – as long as they feel right for you.

I hope to slowly find, trial and review some of these products, so that I can save in this area and so that I can share this knowledge with many of you that I know are also paying huge electricity bills and feeding families.

The first one I have come across, that I really like is GAIA Skincare’s Geranium and Palmarosa Intensive Moistruizer. I have been using Paula’s Choice Hydralight Moisture-Infusing Lotion (under the recommendation of one of my very knowledgable and very clever colleagues, and very good friend, Rachel). I just adore this product. It’s like rubbing riata all over your tired skin every night (I love riata – it’s such a yummy sauce). However, at $40 for a small bottle, I just couldn’t justify this anymore, so off I went in search of a cheaper option, which is $12.95 at Priceline.

– A very good (cheaper) product –

I have been using this product for about six weeks now, and my skin feels just as good as it did when using the riata (yum). This is an organic product, for sensitive, dry skin. It smells so lovely and I like to mix it with three drops of the Sukin Rosehip oil – divine. My skin feels lovely after I apply it and then just as good when I wake up the next morning.

– I love to mix the two together –

What night moisturiser you use? What are your thoughts on expensive verses cheap when it comes to beauty products?


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12 thoughts on “Love: GAIA Skincare Intensive Moisturiser Review

  1. Gosh, two minutes before my phone beeped with your blog update, I was staring at my cosmetics and lotions, thinking its time to do a dump! I have so many products, it is quite ridiculous.
    However, I do find that it is good to mix it up with your skincare. What works for me in summer does not work for me in winter. In summer I use a very light moisturiser by Dermalogica which is so light and refreshing and is a fantastic base for makeup to be applied. I also use this (with rosehip oil) as a night cream too.
    I am now on the hunt for something a bit more nourishing for the colder weather. Having said that, I have combination skin and am prone to breakouts if its too heavy. I dont think its necessary to spend a lot of money on products. I think you have to find what works for you. Most of the products I am currently using are expensive, but I must say, I used to love the Olay moisturiser from Coles (gasp!) that I used for many years! I cannot rave enough about the Elizabeth Arden 2 in 1 cleanser and also the 3 in 1 cleanser and exfoliator. I can get both of these for $20 on strawberry net and they are divine!
    After I do my stocktake, Ill see if I have room for this little beauty Alison! Thanks for your review x

    • Well that is strange. We must be psychic!! I like your expression -‘time to do a dump!’ (sorry couldn’t help myself. Thanks for the recommendations Brooke – I will look into some of these (especially the supermarket ones!!)

  2. I’ve been using the Olay Cream Cleanser, night cream and tinted moisturizer and they are amazing! I don’t think they are super cheap, especially since they are from a supermarket, but I have found they are really doing nice things for my skin. There is also a brand that is stocked at Coles called Derma something that is getting really great reviews and nothing is over $4.99. I bought the night serum and eye serum and will start trying them soon. Love Rosehip oil too……my skin feels so nice when I put it on. Gaia is all natural too, so at least you know you’re not putting any nasties on your skin. I might give this one a go too! do

  3. Oh how exciting to be mentioned;) Thank you! I am glad you are enjoying GAIA, I have used their cleanser before and it was really nice. Organic products are so amazing, and it really makes a difference on your skin if it is liking what you are putting on it. My skin tells me right away if it doesn’t like what I’m doing so it’s great to have an indicator before I start using something regularly.

    I adore rosehip oil too. Lately I have been using it on my cuticles, under my nose (I get dry there in winter), on my mouth for a moisturising plump and as an eye serum. So versatile!

    There is only one area I do spend and that’s on my eye cream. I haven’t done a review (it’s on the to-do list) but I have been using the Estee Lauder Time Zone for almost a year and its love. It’s not cheap but I buy it when there is a GWP so at least I can justify it a little better.

    Happy skin caring X

  4. Dove Daily Moisturiser for about $10 at supermarket is the only one I use on my face… it has a little sunscreen, is light and cheap. At night I use Simple Face Wipes then the Dove again. As I have to use cortisone cream on my face regularly for my eczema, I don’t like to put too much else on! Pretty boring I know, but seems to work for me. x Ally

      • I use SmartSkin facial wipes to remove my makeup at night – they are free from oil and alcohol – non-drying, pleasantly scented and inexpensive. I am also using the GAIA Organic Skincare line which I adore. I haven’t thought of mixing a few drops of Rosehip Oil in with the night cream – great tip!! Will definitely try this!

      • You get them from Woolworths in the cosmetic aisle – only $2.00. I think they are a product exclusive to Woolies as I haven’t found them anywhere else.

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