Sew: A Bag for Shan

After the success of making my own bag a few months ago, I felt confident enough to make one for my beautiful friend Shan, who is living abroad for a couple of years (she writes a blog entitled, Life and Times With Art). Shan’s birthday was fast approaching and I wanted to make her something personal and practical, that I could also easily post overseas. As I am in love with my bag, and I know Shan LOVES her handbags, I thought the Dapper Day Bag from Meg McElwee’s book, ‘Sew Liberated‘, would be perfect.

– Shan’s new Dapper Day Bag –

I really scrutinised over the fabric choice, as I wanted something fun and bright for Shan, yet the cording colour had to coordinate with the lining, the shell and the cotton.

– Colourful butterflies to brighten the day –

My bag is perfect in every way, except for the fact that it has no pockets. When my phone rings, or if I just want to check it (which is like a billion times a day) I have to fish around amongst all the other loose items (purse, sunnies, lippies, tissues, wipes, pens, keys – I could keep going, believe it or not) to find it. This causes me a lot of feelings of frustration and I decided that Shan didn’t need this and so I added an Iphone-sized pocket into the bag’s lining to avoid the regular and annoying bag-fumble.

– Added feature: Iphone pocket –

Happy Birthday Shan – many massive virtual hugs to you from me xox

Do you do the bag-fumble? What measures do you take to avoid this frustrating occurrence?


Someone Who Inspires Me 07.05.2012 #photoadaymay



11 thoughts on “Sew: A Bag for Shan

  1. What a great bag! It’s gorgeous and so lovely to have something made by a special friend πŸ™‚
    You are very talented Al!! Love it xx

  2. LOVE IT! Ask your mum about whether I have any troubles with fumbling through my bag to find my phone…. πŸ˜‰ x Ally

  3. I am said Shan and that is my said bag. I love it to pieces. You make me the most amazing birthday presents for me – done with such thought, care and love. At this very moment I am wearing my hoodie. Thank you. Happy birthday to me. xo

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