Love: Three Things

Love. Right. Now.


– The PhotoadayMay is a challenge set out by blogger FatMumSlim…so much fun –


– Having brecky everyday with Evie and Iggle Piggle is a bit of a treat –


– House is (almost) ready for sale, de-cluttered and neat and tidy….for the first time in 6 years –

What are you loving this week? I would love to know!


Bird 05.05.2012 #photoadaymay



10 thoughts on “Love: Three Things

  1. Ha! Did you finally manage to get Iggle Piggle in the washing machine? Last time I saw him he was in desperate need of a bath!!! Your house looks fantastic now – you have both worked soooo hard. Fingers crossed the first person who sets foot inside will offer the figure you want. 🙂 Then you can all move on to the next phase (hopefully with a walk-in pantry!!!!! Yay!!!) xox

  2. Ha iggle piggle does look much better!
    House does look amazing. Blood sweat and tears were so worth it!
    My 3 favourite things this week:
    1. My new celine sunglasses for winter
    2. Mamasita birthday dinner with Andrew
    3. Special cuddles with Ted this week as he has been a little sick

    • I love Evie’s high chair too- although I’m really not sure how much longer she’ll be in it!! I’m sorry to hear it was a tough Art week. I hope next week is an improvement x

  3. I love this post Alison, does that count as a thing? Good luck with the house sale, sending you positive vibes:)

    My loves this week included sangria (or liquid fruit salad as I call it), polka dot nails and the super moon, it was so pretty:)

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