Bake: Orange Cake Trifle

I was inspired recently by my very good friend Victoria (Vic, you are always inspiring me) when she spoke about this recipe that we had both seen made on My Kitchen Rules the week before. Victoria had set about making it straight away and was telling me how great it was. I had been searching for a recipe to make for my Saturday night ‘treat meal’ (don’t tell Michelle Bridges about this one, I was desperate for something that didn’t include a calorie count, so I decided on ONE treat meal) and after hearing Victoria’s review of her version of the Orange Cake Trifle, I was sold.

It is basically a plain cake recipe, with orange citrus in it – YUM (I have a new obsession with citrus flavours). Then you make an orange syrup and pour that over the cooked cake, crumble it and add the custard and whipped cream. Decadent? Yes!

– Sunken cake –

I was a bit disappointed that my cake didn’t rise – there seemed to be an issue with the butter and sugar creaming process. I had run out of caster sugar, so I wasn’t able to re-do this, so I took a risk. It still tasted yummy, but the texture was a bit wrong as it should have been light and fluffy.

– Citrus trifle –

I must have been feeling ultra-tired because I was meant to segment the oranges properly, but by that time I was over it, and I just wanted to flake out on the couch. It was tasty and Husband continued to eat the entire cake over he next 48 hour period without one single complaint – and I even got some compliments on it!

Have you tried citrus trifle? What are your thoughts on citrus cakes?


Something I wore today 03.05.2012 #photoadayMay



2 thoughts on “Bake: Orange Cake Trifle

  1. I haven’t tried it before but it looks delicious. It’s funny how changes to recipees are made when we are tired and just don’t care. It all ends in our tummy anyways so how it looks is not such a big deal unless you are competing in a cake competition;) X

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