Love: My Holiday Facial

Since following Zoe Foster on the Mamamia website, I have made a deal with myself that, A) I’ll look after my skin with a consistent routine every morning and night and, B) get a facial once every two months. I recently had my second one for the year with my ‘Skin Therapist’ Jo at Utopia Skin Solutions in Yarraville and apart from the painful bits (I will explain) it was divine. Heaven. The perfect holiday treat.

- My preferred salon -

I won’t pretend to know what all the products she used actually did for my skin, but I know that she used MD Formulations products and Guinot Products for the hydration facial. These are beautiful products that I would love to be able to use daily, if only I could afford them.

The painful bit was when Jo performed the ‘extractions’, which is a nice way of saying that she brutally squeezed all of the blackheads out of my face. Now I would like to add that I am pretty sure she enjoyed this process – it’s something about skin therapists and squeezing things. I would also like to add that I believe the pain associated with this process is up there with childbirth, but at least with childbirth you can get an epidural. This procedure is not fun, but a necessary evil, that Zoe Foster talks about here (if you’re interested).

After the painful part was over, Jo then massaged a whole lot of other lovely smelling creams into my face. It was near the end that she placed a hydrating mask onto my face, then proceeded to give my hands and arms a massage – BONUS! This was so, sooooo relaxing!

Overall, this was a lovely experience, even with the painful component.

Do you get regular facials? Have you had ‘extractions’? What are your thoughts?


Peace 01.05.2012 # photoadayMay


11 thoughts on “Love: My Holiday Facial

  1. I’ll be hinting for a facial for Mother’s Day. Never had extractions or a decent facial, and after reading your blog and Zoe’s article, it’s time to be extracted!

  2. Extractions hurt so much but it’s so worth it. I am glad you had a nice facial, they are so heavenly:)

    I don’t think you need the really expensive products, there are so many amazing brands on the market that are in every budget range. For instance I prefer to spend more on an eye cream than a cleanser and I don’t own everything in one range so just mix and match and as long as you are looking after your skin with cleansing and moisturising it is not so important to spend the big bucks. X

  3. I had milia (little white cyst type things) extracted from my eyelids recently. That was NOT fun… as there isn’t much meat in between your eyelid and your eyeball, it was a painful experience, but as you say the nice creams and massage afterwards is always nice! x Ally

  4. I must be the odd one out with extractions because they don’t really bother me! That said, I’ve been a facial addict for many years so maybe I’ve built up a tolerance (I have heard it hurts more if you’re hormonal / got PMS). I love a good facial, it’s so relaxing & then you get to enjoy pretty skin…got my next one in two weeks!

  5. I LOVE Jo … I’d turn for her. Great at everything she does: massages and waxing too. Please book me in for a massage, wax and a facial with her – specifically her – for August. Thanks!:) xo

    • Ha! Shan, you are hilarious! Jo is lovely and she really is easy to chat to and non judgemental. Thank you for recommending Utopia to me after you had such good experiences there x

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