Bake: Cauliflower Soup

Once again, this is technically not a bake post, but it’s still in the cooking vicinity. Husband also works with cauliflowers, so we often have one or two cauliflower heads in the fridge and not enough hours in the day to consume them all. Making a soup out of them is certainly a great way to use them up and fulfil my soup cravings that I have whenever the weather turns cold and wet. I googled low-calorie cauliflower soup recipes and came across this one that had great reviews and I had all the additional ingredients, so I was chuffed.

- Another one-pot wonder -

- All pureed up -

I forgot to take a final photo to show the soup in the bowl, but I think you can use our imaginations a little bit -go on! The flavour was extraordinary. I had also roasted some garlic cloves and placed one of those on top of each bowl, with a sprig of parsley – divine!

What is your favourite way to eat cauliflower?



8 thoughts on “Bake: Cauliflower Soup

  1. This does look yummy but I just don’t like cauliflower. Which is strange since I love broccoli. I do like the sound of the recipe and I know Mike would love it. He has just entered another race so needs to get back on track so I might make him this. He certainly won’t be expecting it from me due to my cauliflower-aversion;) X

  2. I actually don’t really like Cauliflower, but had it at Supermaxi in Fitzroy battered and fried with onions and it was awesome. I also like ‘cauli- fried rice’, where you grate cauliflower and use it as a substitute for rice. This is pretty nice, as long as you use lots of onion and garlic to drown out the cauliflower taste!!

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