Bake: After Dinner Mint Macarons

The urge for baking has overpowered the urge to stay on this healthy eating plan (full time anyway) so I recently embarked upon a macaroon-baking adventure. After much research (and detailed discussions with my gorgeous foodie-friend, Victoria) I decided on choc-mint macaroons and white chocolate and raspberry macaroons. Something inside me was determined to try TWO different kinds, I have no idea why, but that’s how I roll. I have been to Brunetti (In Melbourne’s Carlton and The City) and tried various macarons – they always look so yummy and taste just as good. They are a such a perfect little delicacy that I wonder should be left to the experts?!?!

- Brunetti's gorgeous selection of macarons -

- Cute -

- The perfect gift! -

So I started with the After dinner mint macarons from the trusty Taste website. They were very straight forward, but as it was my first attempt, I was worried that if I chose a more complex recipe, they they wouldn’t turn out. I was pleasantly surprised. In fact I was chuffed, as they looked awesome (and tasted just as good). They are basically light and fluffy, chocolate-flavoured biscuits, sandwiched together with a choc-mint icing mixture. I will demonstrate how proud I am (and how good they looked) via a series of too many, large photographs…

- Starting off like a meringue -

- Resting time....about an hour to set their shape -

- How good do they look? -

- Up close it looks quite impressive -

- And yet another angle -

- Last one...I promise -

So then I got cocky and made (attempted) some white chocolate and raspberry macarons (from the Gourmet Traveller website) whilst drinking a glass of wine and chatting away to my gorgeous visiting friend, Holly. These are essentially pink-coloured light and fluffy biscuits, sandwiched together with a raspberry-flavoured icing mixture (made from real raspberries – yum!)

- Pink meringue -

- Resting time -

And I don’t have a final photo because these turned out to be a big fat failure. Their shapes were all strange, they tasted way too sweet and when I tried to pick one up, it just crumbled in my fingers. I was utterly disappointed, but I blame the wine and the chatting, not the recipe. I was able to put it behind me though, as the first attempt was so successful! Go on, go back and have another look at those awesome photos!!

Have you tried macarons? Where have you been when you ate your best macaron? What flavour was it?



13 thoughts on “Bake: After Dinner Mint Macarons

  1. Yum!!!! One of my students dad is a chef and made a selection of macrons for me to try last year. My fave’s were the strawberry and pistachio… they were DELISH! Congrats on your first effort… I hope to sample some more from you soon! x Ally

  2. The chocolate ones look amazing! I can’t go past salted caramel macarons – they are so delicious. I haven’t tried making any myself but you have inspired me again. Bring on the calories:) X

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