Bake: Anzac Biscuits

As it is Anzac Day today, I decided that baking Anzac bickies for Husband and my desk-buddies at work, would be the way to go. There is a history behind the humble Anzac bicky, which is that they were part of the rations given to our brave World War 1 soldiers, as they were a food item that would last longer in their packs as they don’t have any eggs or dairy components. You can find more about the story behind the Anzac bicky here.

I baked them on Monday afternoon so I could take them to work yesterday and share them around (otherwise I would have eaten every last one). From what I could tell, there were a few different variations on the recipe, but I really just wanted the simplest, yet yummiest one. I decided on the Woolworth’s catalogue recipe that I had literally ripped out of the catalogue at the end of last week. I can be found on the internet here. Here’s how it is done…

- Wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mix -

- Teaspoon-sized balls onto a tray (or two), flatten out a little -

- Yummy, yummy! -

- Ready to take to work and share -

I actually baked two batches on Monday night – the first one were in the oven about five minutes too long, and they were a stage before being burnt. Husband got these to take to work. He seemed ok with this. The second batch were lovely and sticky as I baked them for five minutes less. I got a lot of positive feedback from my desk-buddies and one lady even approached me for seconds – I love that as this is the biggest complement ever!

Have you ever made Anzac Biscuits? What is your favourite Anzac Bicky recipe?



4 thoughts on “Bake: Anzac Biscuits

  1. Yum! I wanted to bake Anzac biscuits but ran out of time because of work (and my dislike for grocery shopping). I will just have to look at yours, they look delicious X

  2. Thanks to you post, I was inspired to attempt Anzac biscuits for the first time! I forgot to put brown sugar in the first batch, so whipped up a second batch – devoured the lot in 10 minutes! Delicious.

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