Love: Pretty Tea Cups

I have a thing for pretty tea cups. I don’t own many, but I love looking at them…online….in shops… people’s houses. There’s something just so special and beautiful about a pretty teacup.


- Delicate -

T2 Camellia TCup ($12)


- Pretty -

Maxwell & Williams Pink Ribbon Hope Rose Mug ($9.95)


- Cute -

 Arthur Price Mugnificent Burleque Mug & Spoon Set ($14)


- Gorgeous -

Ashdene Miss Peacock Babushka Pink Mug ($5.50)


- Simple -

Wedgwood Night & Day Fluted Teacup ($26)

What is your favourite teacup? What do you love about it?



5 thoughts on “Love: Pretty Tea Cups

  1. Ooooh these are so gorgeous, thank you for sharing. I don’t drink much tea but I like my coffee mugs to be big. I’d say Mike’s favourite mug is the man-sized Ironman mug I bought him in Melbourne. Mine is a Minni Mouse mug, it makes me smile.

    At my grandparents house us grandkids had one main cup each (to reduce dish-washing) and I haven’t thought about it for a while. Mine is blue:) I will have to dig it up next time I am home X

  2. My Nana left me two tea cups with saucers… they’re at mum and dad’s in their crystal cabinet until I have somewhere special to showcase them too. One is pale blue with flowers and the other has a garden setting over it. They’re very special… but too special for tea! x Ally

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