Love: Suzannegrae Pants

I’m putting my fashion-self out there in saying that I recently made a purchase at Suzannegrae. I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, and many of the items in-store are not my cup of tea. However, I have recently purchased two pairs of pants that I really love. When I was younger, it was one of those shops that Mum shopped at and, “I would NEVER buy anything there!” (“OMG, ROFL, WTF?” -FYI, this is current teenage language). But as my age moves further away from the 30 mark, I find myself attracted to some of their designs.

The first ones are black pants that I have been wearing to work. They are called a slim-leg jegging, and are described as having a two-way stretch. There’s no need for ironing (bonus) and they suck everything in at the top (love). They are flattering, go with almost anything and I feel good in them.

- Suzannegrae Slim leg Jegging in black -$39.95 -

I also had my eye on some green soft denim jeans that they stock. I was convinced they would look terrible on me, but when I tried them on, I was surprised that they looked quite good – well I think they do!?!?! They certainly have the tendency to be unflattering, but paired with the right top, they are really cute.

- Suzannegrae green jean $49.95 -

Do you NOW shop somewhere that, when younger, you NEVER thought you’d be in? OMG?!?!



10 thoughts on “Love: Suzannegrae Pants

  1. I can certainly think of a few places that I am unable to shop at now, due to being over the age bracket… eg Glassons and some that I wouldn’t even bother stepping into… eg Bardot, Valley Girl – so trashy too šŸ™‚
    And when I go shopping with my niece I find the stores too LOUD, too dark, and just unpleasant to be in… Oh, I do sound old…!

  2. Those black pants look awesome- definitely going to check those out! I haven’t always felt this way, but I couldn’t care less about where I buy my clothes anymore! ‘Investment pieces’ (sounds so dicky, but….) are an exception, but who really cares? No one is going to demand to see the tag of your clothes! As long as you look and feel good, it’s really irrelevant. I have started secret love affair with KMart- they have really good basics and if you can get a tshirt for six bucks, who cares if it only lasts a few washes! Coles Mix is also really good- I bought some basic black and white tshirts from there and I have washed them a million times and they still look brand new. Sorry for such a long response…..we will talk more about this next week at dinner I think! Can’t wait xo

    • I LOVE your comments Mel – thank you! I totally agree about labels and brand names. They’re a bit of a wank- a ploy to get the big guy at the top more money then he needs! Can’t wait to see you for dinner either- you’ll love the food at this restaurant!! Xox

  3. It’s not what you wear it’s how you wear it! I’m not too fussy where I buy clothes from, it’s just important that they are a good fit and reasonable price. I’m loving the sound of those black pants your purchased from Suzanne Grae. Again, another fantastic post x

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