Love: White

I very rarely wear white as I have never been able to keep white clothing items clean – that sounds quite disgusting, but I always seem to brush past something or get pen ink on my sleeve. Dirt and dust just attracts itself to me – I’m a dirt magnet. Maybe this is why I love to look at white clothing items and simply dream about wearing them. I also find that Melbourne is so dark and grey in the winter (fashion-wise and weather-wise) that it’s nice to see some white items around to create a contrast.


- Cute -

Forever New Alexia Textured Ponte Dress in Porcelain (89.95)


- Simple -

Glassons Basket Knit Jumper in Milk (40.49)


- Elegant -

French Connection Vaity Lace Long Sleeve Top in Oyster Shell (89.95)


- Stylish -

Target Hot Options Quilted PU Trim Biker Jacket ($59)


- Beautiful -

Portmans Fit and Flare Dress in Milk (129.95)


7 thoughts on “Love: White

  1. OMG how gorgeous is the No. 5 dress!!! I could never get away with wearing something like that, but also love to dream… Also loving the jacket No.4!
    Gotta love Target these days, so affordable and so trendy – well mostly 🙂

  2. Love white too! I buy it but it doesn’t stay snowy for long! Ends up a dirty grey colour! Bit high maintenance really!
    Just got new white sheets! Plan on keeping them snow white with a soak each wash in napisan…

  3. The last two times I ventured out of my comfort zone and wore white to work (one was a dress one was a shirt) I spilt my lunch on both… tomato based sauce on the dress, satay sauce on the shirt. When I was teaching the younger kids, not such a problem, but the older kids notice straight away when you have lunch remains down your front! I think given my lunch ‘break’ is always so rushed that I end up eating standing up or at best, over some work at my desk this is only going to keep happening! The moral of the story… I only wear dark colors to work! But I do love the look of crisp, brand spanking new white clothes! Love the Forever New dress. x Ally

  4. I like number 1 and number 5. I haven’t worn white dresses for a while but I have a few white sweaters that I like to wear. It is a beautiful look though, but hard to keep clean X

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