Love and Bake: A Sunday Arvo Cook-up for Holly

I absolutely love to cook and although I am enjoying trying new and varied meals from the healthy-eating plan I am currently doing, I am also bored out of my brains by it. So, when my beautiful friend Holly (of almost twenty years…oh my) mentioned that she needed some meals inspiration, I jumped at the chance to get cooking. Holly works really long hours during the week and wanted something quick and really easy to come home to each night. We swiftly fashioned a shopping list for the four main meals we were going to cook and headed off into the sunset (not quite) to Coles to hunt and gather our ingredients.

We set ourselves up in her now well-stocked kitchen, and began the massive cook-up. We agreed on Minestrone Soup, Chicken and Mushroom Risotto, Chilli Con Carne and Dahl (this was the Baby Dahl recipe that Holly had been eyeing off from an older blog-posting of mine). The criteria for these meals was that they were to be tasty, wholesome, healthy and freezable.

- Holly's dish of the day...minestrone -

- Baby dahl or just dahl -

We were so, so happy with the result and Holly is now enjoying healthy and tasty lunches and dinners. We plan on having another cook-up soon and hope to come up with more ideas for her weeknight lunches and dinners.

- Chicken & mushroom risotto all tubbed-up and ready for freezing -

- Holly's good does that look? -

Do you ever do mass cook-ups to save time during the week? What dishes would you recommend?



11 thoughts on “Love and Bake: A Sunday Arvo Cook-up for Holly

  1. This is fantastic and also a great idea for those who are time poor. I usually meal plan on a Monday, shop and cook up a storm on the Tuesday so we have meals ready for the remainder of the week. Keep the healthy and freezable recipes coming!

  2. Obviously I love this post and loved this day, as it filled my freezer with lots of yummy, healthy and easy to prepare foods. AND I got to spend the day with my dear friend Alison xx
    I am still reaping the rewards – had risotto for lunch yesterday and soup today – chilli con carne tomorrow I think 🙂
    I am also always getting positive comments about the smells and look of my food and making my colleagues jealous. Especially when they have to go and pay a fortune for their lunches (city prices) or get something – either unhealthy or just plain boring – at a takeaway shop in the middle of nowhere (depending on the work venue for the day).
    The stocks are depleating though, so I must check out the cookbooks (I have a million of them!) to work out our next endeavours.
    **Always keen for inspiration though, especially for good freezing foods**

  3. What a great idea! I should do something like this since I work shift work and cooking can be a bit of a chore during the week. As much as I enjoy the escape of cooking I am not a big fan of grocery shopping so I should just do it in bulk. Thanks for the tip X

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