Bake: Gluten-free Hot Cross Buns

We left our recent visit to the Channel 10 studios to watch The Circle filmed live, with a bag full of baked and baking goodies from Springhill Farm. As Easter weekend was around the corner, I was so excited to use one of the bags of gluten-free bread mix (The Real Bread Mix) to make the same hot cross buns that they had made on the episode we saw filmed – thank goodness hot cross buns are only around for a small portion of the year as they are my weakness. I got online and followed this recipe. It was super easy thanks to my trusty Kitchen-aide mixer, to just put all the ingredients in and the kneading tool did all the hard work.

- Throw all the ingredients into the bowl -

- Kneading, kneading -

- Ten minutes of kneading later... -

- Ready for their crosses -

- All crossed-up (I made a few small errors here - ha!)-

- Fresh out of the oven -

- Yum -

Now I’m not following a gluten-free diet, but they were yummy all the same. I don’t think it’s such a bad thing to choose gluten-free where you possibly can as flour is probably better off consumed in very small doses.

Did you make hot cross buns this easter? Or did you buy them?

Are you or anyone you cook for on a gluten-free diet? What are your thoughts on this?



2 thoughts on “Bake: Gluten-free Hot Cross Buns

  1. Hot Cross Buns are my weakness too!! Love them and wish they were with us all year long – I often wish for a larger freezer to stock up, but probably a good thing that my freezer is currently full (thanks to a very dear friend!) 🙂
    I was lucky enough to be given a sample of the above hot cross buns and very much enjoyed them on Easter Saturday morning with my mumma – who also enjoyed the change for the store bought buns.
    Thanks chicken, I am always happy to enjoy your baking, and any other type of cooking you may do! xxx

  2. Mmmm. I too am a hot cross bun fan and am glad it’s only around once a year because they are so addictive. Yours looked great, yum:)

    In terms of a gluten-free diet it’s not for me. I love my carbs and as long as it’s a balanced diet it is okay. Obviously if you react to gluten it’s best to stop eating it but if your body can handle it there is no reason to stop eating gluten X

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