Love: A Circle Audience Experience

I have recently had my mum staying with me, which has been so lovely, and we have managed to fit in many fun things. One of those was something Mum had been wanting to do for a while, and that was to go into Channel 10 studios and watch the television program, The Circle, being filmed live. I had been once before with my friend, Shan, so I knew what to expect. But Mum was like a deer in the headlights, and I thoroughly enjoyed attending with her and my beautiful sister-in-law, Alley.

As a live audience you are told to pretty much keep quiet, clap for most of the intros and outros, and laugh when something is funny – pretty easy really. I spent most of my time there watching the film crew work their magic as the people behind the camera work very hard to make the people in front of the camera look good.

- My new mouse pad -

Yumi Stynes (oh so controversial –ooohh!), Colin Lane (love him), Felicity Ward (A Comedian and very funny lady) and Colette Mann (not my favourite ‘talent’ in the world) were the presenters for the day. They pack a lot into each daily episode, including a lady talking about being a Nanna (perfect for my mum) and a visit to the Springhill Farm farm where they made gluten-free hot cross buns and gave us a freebie bag of gluten-free baking and baked goods to take away – woo hoo (watch this space for the hot cross bun bake segment). There was also a Colombian dancing couple who are in the Guinness World Records for the most dance spins in one minute. The chef of the day was Matt Wilkinson, who recently released a vegetable cookbook, and he cooked a Zucchini-wrapped John Dory.  Being the day before the Easter break, we also got some yummy Lindt chocolate Easter bunnies (which I won’t be eating, sadly) and a mouse-pad with The Circle on it, in the shape of a circle (which I am currently using).

- The daily presenters and the Nanna-expert lady -

- Columbian spinning couple -

- Matt Wilkinson in action -

- Zucchini-wrapped john dory -

The highlight for me was when Yumi came over to us in the audience and I had a little chat with her. She was really friendly and easy to chat to…felt like we were old mates – ha!

Photos taken from the Circle Facebook Site

Have you ever been to the filming of a TV show? Or do you watch the Circle? What did you think?


8 thoughts on “Love: A Circle Audience Experience

  1. I went to a taping of Young Talent Time when I was about 8 and it was one of the best nights of my life (this is sad, I know).
    I was convinced Joey Dee was singing to ME in the crowd and I loved seeing all the girls in ‘real life’. I would have loved to have gone to a taping of any of the D-Gen stuff, like The Late Show or The Panel. Or Oprah’s Favourite Things!!! xo

  2. Nice one – and LOVELY hot cross buns by the way – a lovely treat for my mum and I on Easter Saturday morning 🙂
    I have never been to the filming of a tv show, but have always wanted to. Gotta love freebies and the up close and personal approach of watching a favourite show!
    I was once a fan of the Circle, I got quite addicted over the summer break, watching all of the highlights for the past year. But things went sour for me this year after Chrissie Swan left the show 😦
    It just hasn’t been the same for me since…
    So glad you enjoyed your day though – I know how much you love Yumi. Did you ask her for her number?? 🙂

  3. Like Hol, I haven’t watched much of the Circle on my hols since Chrissie left… I love her! However, we had a great time and managed to get our heads on the TV, just a little bit!
    I went to watch a taping of Spicks and Specks with husband, mum, dad, brother and soon to be sister in law last year. That was great fun! Interesting guests, lots of laughs and good music. x Ally

  4. I always tune into the circle if I’m not out and about doing mummy stuff. I was so sad to see Chrissy go though wish she was still there. It sounds like you had a wonderful time maybe one day I might go to for now I have a feeling a 1 yo wouldn’t keep quiet lol.

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