Sew: Ipad Sleeping Bag

Since purchasing my Ipad2, I have worried that it would scratch, or be bumped around by little inquisitive hands. This project is very similar to a previous post, Sew: Iphone Sleeping Bag, but a bigger version.

I cut out fabric pieces that were 27.5cm x 20.5cm – two outer pieces (the fancy colours and patterns), two lining pieces (I used flannelette as it’s lovely and soft) and some quilter’s wadding for the inner padding (this was cut slightly smaller than the outer pieces).

I then stitched the Apple logo on and sewed them all together using the same process as the Iphone cover – satin stitch (or tight zig zag).

- Front of first cover -

- Back of first cover...funky fabric! -

- Cover 2...cosy Ipad 2 -

What do you do to keep your precious smart phones and tablets safe and cosy?



10 thoughts on “Sew: Ipad Sleeping Bag

  1. This is really cute!! It looks so cosy in there! 🙂
    I wish I had an I-pad so I could make a snuggy cover too (or let’s be honest…. ask you to make me one!) xx

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