Love: Three Things

Three things that I love this week…


- A great article that I read last week on, right when I needed to read it -

Link to Article


- Feeling (and being) organised -


- Holidays for two weeks...Yay! -

What three things are at the top of your love list this week?



7 thoughts on “Love: Three Things

  1. Great article!
    This week I love: HOLIDAYS (which mean sleeping in, catching up with people I don’t get to otherwise, and catching up on jobs that don’t get done otherwise); HOT CROSS BUNS (a breakfast treat in the week before Easter… yum) and my new EYELINER (Cover Girl, Liquiline, it’s gorgeous).
    x Ally

  2. Great post as usual!=)

    1. I went to a birthday on the weekend and they had made a “silent disco”. It was so cool:)
    2. The weather has been great in Sydney.
    3. Managing 5 very difficult days at work well and managing the stress=)


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